Clit Talk is a pleasure positive podcast that provides sex edutainment, trailblazing the way for those seeking to climax into personal freedom and expansion in every area of life.

Our mission is to empower all to live a life guided by pleasure. Pleasure is our North Star. Harmony arises as we educate and enlighten our listeners on everything from vulnerably sharing personal stories from inside of the bedroom and out in our lives. Clit Talk transforms your life.

Discover your authentic expression sensually and sexually. We are the catalyst for a momentous shift toward a society of oneness, where all beings hold each other in high regard, with love, honor and respect.

This first season of Clit Talk is inspired by the legendary Regena Thomashauer, Creatrix of the School of Womanly Arts, leader of the Pleasure Revolution and author of her New York Times bestselling book PUSSY: A Reclamation.

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