EP15 Pussification: Spring Cleaning Your Life

How do you "pussify" your life? Pussification means bringing beauty, order and radiance to your world—from cleaning out your closet to your friends list to your own negative self-talk. Yes, sometimes them old tired rags just gotta go!

I really believe that my outer environment reflects my inner reality.
— Lolo

In this episode, the Clit Crew unearths what's possible when we free up all that extra space in our heads and in our homes. WARNING: It can lead to massive life-changing decisions.

But before we go there, we cover profound burning questions such as "what's a merkin" and "are all assholes alike?" Nurse Katie tells all when it comes the unsavory side of laser hair removal, including unhygienic clients and lasering yourself to the point of no return. (Owie.) Then sweet Lolita leads all you listeners in an exercise to get you into action around pussifying your own life. Woohoo!

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Pussification: Spring Cleaning Your Life

Episode 15


Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomaschauer
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