EP21 Power Couple: Having the Best Sex of Your Life

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Power Couple: Having the Best Sex of Your Life

Episode 21

How can you have the hottest, sweetest, best sex of your life with the people you actually love?

Because I’m horny, he’s happy I’m part of this project.
— Lindsey

Eve interviewed the polyamorous, LGBTQ and super straight couples of Clit Talk to find out what’s possible within a longterm relationship, what these couples discovered since reading Pussy: A Reclamation, and how much their sex lives have changed since Clit Talk began.

Despite the fact that I think of myself as a progressive person, there’s still a lot of prudeness in me.
— Ethan

Nurse Katie talks about how she is masturbating for the first time in her life, actually likes having sex now, and even lets Ethan eat her out…sometimes. I think we can say these two have definitely come a long way! (Sorry not sorry--that pun just could not be helped.)

I want to do it all the time. I would have sex like 12 times a day if it was up to me. I would never even work, I would be a stay-at-home sex addict.
— Sugar

Sugar shares her fantasies about being a man in bed with her husband (who is soooo not into it), Matt gives us a taste of what a hired dom will do for $150, and Justin expresses his extreme distaste for rough sex. Then we get into how to turn your partner’s NO into a YES. Yayyyyyyy.



Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomaschauer
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