EP54 Teen Sex: How To Talk with Teens About Pleasure with Author Gia Lynne

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Teen Sex: How To Talk with Teens About Pleasure with Author Gia Lynne

Episode 54

For so many children in society today, the birds and bees conversation comes way too late, or not at all. Most kids today are learning about sex from an ocean of internet porn, and that is leaving them in the dark about what real intimacy between two (or more) people can be.

Does your book teach teens how to masturbate?
— Eve

In much of the world, we have this taboo around talking about sex with teens—especially how to have good sex. This social stigma stops these conversations from happening, which has had a negative effect on young adults and our society as a whole. That’s why today, we are so excited to have Gia Lynne in the studio, a woman who has taken on this brave and edgy conversation in her book On Blossoming. Gia offers teens and their parents an evolutionary sex ed that includes—dun, dun, dun…pleasure!

I imagine you’re not talking to teens about ass play and BDSM...or are you?!
— Nurse Katie

Does the possibility of talking to teens about how to have pleasurable sexual experiences with themselves and others triggering the shit out of you? Great! It did us too. Listen in to this absolutely fascinating discussion with revolutionary sex ed educator Gia Lynne.


On Blossoming
This is not your typical sex ed book. Instead of typically puritanical views on sex and puberty, On Blossoming focuses on incorporating the principles of pleasure into sex education for our youth and creates a new paradigm of human sexuality. This book takes on a taboo topic in our culture backed with a compelling mixture of research and personal experience.

Author Gia Lynne’s biggest question is, how can we expect to have sexual health if we do not learn about pleasure before our first sexual experiences? Our collective social stigma around talking about sex—most of all good sex—prevents these conversations from happening and it’s having a detrimental effect on our teens of all genders and our society as a whole. On Blossoming will teach you and your teens:

  • How to navigate conversations on “the birds and the bees”

  • How to effectively communicate with parents, friends, and partners

  • To explore the differences between sensuality and sexuality

  • To learn about the entire anatomy of the clitoris

  • How sex can be open, communicative, and fun every time

  • How to know and explore your own body

Written for people of all ages and genders, it’s time to rework the standard script of sexual education and fill in the gaps. Instead of primarily addressing the medical aspects of puberty or potential problems, Lynne presents solutions and provides tools for creating positive experiences in the realms of communication, pleasure, and happiness.