EP53 Happy Anniversary: Hottest Highlights from Clit Talk Year One


EP53 Happy Anniversary: Hottest Highlights from Clit Talk Year One

Episode 53

Today is our 1 year anniversary! We’ve shared an entire year of clit-tastic moments with you that started with simply learning how to utter the word PUSSY without cringing to becoming the liberated sexual beings we are today.

We are celebrating this magical day by looking at our greatest triumphs this year in the bedroom…from coming out of the closet to coming so hard we squirted for the very first time to blowing our financial goals out of the water to falling in love with each other and getting pregnant at a sex party. Wait! Who got pregnant at the sex party?! And which cast members fell in love with each other??? You’re about to find out!

I was sexually frustrated for women, so I was kind of outlandish with my girlfriends because it was my only form of release. But now that I have a girlfriend I don’t do that with my friends anymore.
— Lindsey

So needless to say, it’s been quite the year. And we couldn’t, and wouldn’t, have done any of this without you. We have grown from 300 listeners a week to nearly 3000, and we’re proud to say we’re internationally known from Australia to the Netherlands to Syria and Pakistan.

AND we are nowhere near our goal of a 1 million listeners around the world! And that’s where you come in. It’s our first birthday ever and we are asking each one of you for a present—to share this show with 3 people you love RIGHT NOW, helping us triple our listeners and helping your friends to become completely shameless from the bedroom to the boardroom, expanding what’s possible for humanity when it comes to experiencing pleasure.

THANK YOU for your letters, your Insta messages, and for listening religiously every single week. WE FUCKING LOVE YOU CLITTERATI!!!