EP57 Penis Size: Does It Really Matter? (And other crucial man fan Q&A.)

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Penis Size: Does It Really Matter?

Episode 57

The scissoring does sound like a unicorn kiss.
— Melody Willow

Ever heard of a dick vid? How bout a #pelfie? Penis rupture? What on earth did Nurse Katie do to that zucchini?! Our man fans inspired one of the most hilarious episodes of Clit Talk ever as we answer questions from our cock-bearing Clitterati.

I’ve measured all my boyfriends’ penises.
— Lindsey

In this episode, we get rilly rilly real from our diverse clitcaphony of voices on what dick size means to each of us. Men receive instruction on how to take a great dick pic, we talk Facetime sex, and cast our votes for the best sexual position of all time.

It really boils down to—can you turn me on before you stick the dick in?
— Tamiko

Ready to laugh, to cry (tears of joy) and to sing the praises of our fans who wrote in these brilliant inquiries? Well turn on the damn episode already.