EP62 Fran Drescher Advocates: Healing and Hilarity with 'The Nanny'


Fran Drescher Advocates: Healing and Hilarity with ‘The Nanny’

Episode 62

Women want to think of our pussies as a place of pleasure, love, and divine creation, yet many women in the world experience theirs as place of trauma—be it through sexual violence or disease. Once a woman’s pussy has been traumatized, how does she come back from it? Well, we’re here in the studio today with a woman who has done exactly that, with style and with humor. This icon has turned her pain into purpose with a philanthropic powerhouse called Cancer Schmancer. We are so honored to have in the studio with us today the creator and star of the iconic sit-com The Nanny—the one and only Fran Drescher!

Fran has been through it all, and when we say all, we mean ALL, Honey. She starred in an Emmy Award-winning TV show, been married to a gay man (surprise!) and so happily divorced that she created a show about that too, called—yes—Happily Divorced. She was misdiagnosed way too many times before finally finding out she had uterine cancer, successfully healed herself, then wrote a New York Times bestselling book and founded a movement called Cancer Schmancer. Fran is fresh, funny and frank as fuck about putting the power back into our own hands when it comes to the prevention and healing of disease. Tune in and turn it up for the wisdom and wisecracks of survivor and thriver Fran Drescher.


Cancer Schmancer Movement
Founded by Fran Drescher, Cancer Schmancer’s mission is to save lives by transforming the nation’s current sick care system into one that focuses on genuine healthcare through prevention, early detection and policy change. Want to take measures to prevent cancer in your own life? Host a Detox Your Home party! Cancer Schmancer will show you how.

Cancer Schmancer New York Times Bestselling Book
Part inspirational cancer-survival story, part memoir-as-laugh-riot, Cancer Schmancer picks up where Fran’s last book “Enter Whining” left off. Donate $12 to Cancer Schmancer Foundation and receive a copy of Fran’s inspirational book!

"Laughs and inspiration...Drescher writes with unforced humor and plenty of gusto. She informs, comforts and movingly entertains." - People magazine