EP44 Period Sex: The Magic and Mystery of Making Love During Menstruation


Period Sex: The Magic and Mystery of Making Love During Menstruation

Episode 44

Period sex—ewwww or ahhhhhh? For some women, it’s the unsexiest time of the time of the month. For others, it’s the hottest time and a total dealbreaker if their partner’s not into it. The main health benefits for women are alleviating cramps and uplifting mood. And for men (or women) who bring a menstruating woman to orgasm? A partner who is pain free and happy while on her period, and it’s a natural lube. Yayyyyyyyyy!

The thing about period sex for me is—it’s a make it or break it. I won’t engage with a guy who’s not into it because it’s just not something I think is fair...it’s literally 12 weeks out of the year that you won’t have sex with me. Because why? Nature?
— Jade

One thing to keep in mind for pre-game is that, for many women, the cervix hangs down lower during the week before her period which can lead to more painful sex. Ouchie. The solution? Give her 20 full minutes of foreplay, which will lift the cervix and make way for your dick, dildo, fingers or whatever magic wand of pleasure you’re wielding.

Tamiko is probably the only woman in menopause that I would still go down on.
— Sugar

Other big questions that get answered in this question are—can a woman get pregnant during her period, can menstrual blood be used for magic, what do you do about oral sex, and how do you keep all that blood from getting on the bed? All this and more on this episode of Clit Talk!



Advocacy organization that works to provide period products to low income and homeless women, as well as stop the “pink tax” on tampons, menstrual cups, and other feminine products.

A disposable menstrual disc that lets you have mess-free period sex.

Don’t wanna stop your flow? This is underwear that absorbs your menstrual blood.

Diva Cup
An eco-friendly, reusable, cost-effective menstrual cup that can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Rock the Ragtown Rumble
Go feral and do as you please.” Yowza. Peruse this delightful article by Cosmo’s Jill Hamilton: 5 Positively Perfect Period Sex Positions and give ye old Ragtown Rumble a try. You will never be the same again.