EP45 Ethical Non-Monogamy: How Married People with Children Do It with Dr. Laurie


Ethical Non-Monogamy: How Married People with Children Do It with Dr. Laurie

Episode 45

Non-monogamy is a term that covers any sexual lifestyle that is not a monogamous one—swinging, polyamory, wifeswapping, cuckholding, group sex parties, and even some forms of BDSM. One of favorite experts is back in the studio today to break down how she and her husband created a thriving marriage with well-adjusted children inside of a non-monogamous relationship—the one and only Dr. Laurie!

I enjoy having a husband and a boyfriend.
— Dr. Laurie

In this episode of Clit Talk, learn from Dr. Laurie and her husband what it takes to initiate and maintain an ethical non-monogamous relationship. What kind of foundation is necessary? What kind of agreements are required? How do you initiate it in your own relationship? How do you avoid the sneaky feelings of not-enoughness when the love of your life is out on a date with some new hottie? Tune in to find out!

I don’t own this person. I’ve never owned anyone, and I’m not going to.
— Dr. Laurie's Husband

Dr. Laurie holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a certified surrogate partner therapist, chapter lead of Sex Positive LA, mother of four, wife of one, and lover of many. She and her husband are so generous in their breakdown of what it takes to truly have it all in the world of love. Non-monogamous or not, get out your notebooks because they are about to drop some knowledge that any relationship can benefit from. Enjoyyyyyy!!!

We have learned—it took years—the biggest thing you can do in any relationship is communicate. When she meets somebody that she wants to get involved with, we just start talking.
— Dr. Laurie's Husband
People can’t shame you for something that you own. If they have issues with something that you’re doing, those are their issues.
— Dr. Laurie


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