EP72 Matriarchy: Bringing an End to the Battle of the Sexes


Matriarchy: Bringing an End to the Battle of the Sexes

Episode 72

You’ve heard us speak out a lot on Clit Talk about what doesn’t work about the 5000-year long patriarchy. (Domination, rape, mutilation, objectification, unequal pay, sexual harassment, and c’mon 5000 thousand years? Borrrrrring.) So we thought it was high time to explore Matriarchy, where it exists on the planet today, and what makes it completely unique from its blowhard twin.

Anthropologists are keen to stress that matriarchy is not the opposite of patriarchy. It does not mean a world where women rule over men. In fact, what we noticed in our research on matriarchal societies around the world—from the Bribri communities in Costa Rica to the Akan of Ghana—is that often a balance is present where men lead in important areas like politics or spirituality, and women are the central property owners. It’s a balance of power, rather than one gender dominating the other. Actually, it sounds a lot like—dun dun dun, dun dun dunnnnn...EQUALITY!