EP10 Cock Talk II: Men Put the Cock in Clit Talk...Again


Cock Talk II: Men Put the Cock in Clit Talk...Again

Episode 10

The men behind the women of Clit Talk, from husbands to gay besties, are back in action to discuss their ultimate sexual fantasies! Tamiko and Lindsey interview a pilot, a podcaster, an air and space engineer, a music producer, and a real estate mogul (married, poly, gay, straight and monogamous) on what they want from their lovers in the bedroom.

The conversation is honest, it's juicy, and it's full of surprises (like the white surprise-listen deep for a cameo by YouTube Platinum Blowjob Queen...Olga Fuckslotsky)! This mix of Latino, Jewish and Hapa Kepani men vacillate from thoughtful and sensitive to downright dirty, while being fing hilarious all the while. You've never heard a group of men talk like this on a show before. Like ever.

He said “put both of my balls inside your mouth” and I pretended not to hear it...Then he said it again.
— Jorge
The biggest compliment I get is when she comes for the 12th time.
— Peter

A special note to our listeners...One of the big commitments behind Clit Talk is gender harmony, so Cock Talk Parts 1 and 2 are just the beginning of our show's exploration of men, where they're coming from, and what's most important to them...in bed and out. Stay tuned!

It depends on your mood. Sometimes you wanna fuck and sometimes you wanna make love.
— Matt


Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomaschauer
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