EP12 Embrace Your Inner Courtesan


Embrace Your Inner  Courtesan


(kɔrtɪzən  ) a mistress of a king, or a man of wealth or nobility

Originally, courtesans were women of royal blood who were an essential part of the European royal courts. They flirted, they entertained, they fucked.  They were trained in what Regina Thomaschauer refers to in her book Pussy: A Reclamation, as author the "ancient art of being a woman." As time went on, the term came to be used for mistresses and escorts of men with extreme wealth. What are the lessons we have to learn from these women, highly trained in the art of pleasure?

I change my hair up a lot...I wear wigs, I wear braids, I’ll do a whole lot of different things. When I have a new style, I can jump into a whole new essence of my life and a whole new essence of who I am as a woman. For me, that’s living my life turned on.
— Jade

In this episode, we look at the daily practices that connect us to ourselves and our greatest pleasure...what it really take to live life turned on. We also explore the dance of flirtation, from flirting as a spiritual practice to flirting as sheer manipulation, and what specific techniques actually work. 

Slapping me in the face with your Portuguese sauseege does not work for me!
— Lindsey

We look at how we interact with the object of our desire in a way that feels good to us, captures their imaginations and sets their hearts on fire? AND what's a proper penis tantric massage anyway? What happens in a blowjob class? And last but not least, how can you wake up your woman for morning sex and actually get it?


Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomaschauer
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