EP26 The Sweetest Taboo: Beyond Your Sexual Comfort Zone

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The Sweetest Taboo: Beyond Your Sexual Comfort Zone

Episode 26

You have to reorganize your brain in order to pee on someone.
— Jade

Season 2 begins with a bang! The Pussy Posse is spending this season of Clit Talk exploring the underground world of sex…What is taboo anyway? Is the kinds of sex society considers forbidden to talk about? Or is it any sex act that pushes us beyond our individual comfort zones? Fetishes, kink, erotica, porn, sex parties…the cast of Clit Talk is jumping in this season. Head first.

Lindsey opens up about her first sex party and how her parents found out, Hard Swap vs. Soft Swap and the true meaning of “Unicorn.” Our sweet Virgo Katie laments how much organization it it must take to be a swinger, Jade and Sugar explain their romantic past with regular household items (a spatula and electric toothbrush respectively), Tamiko unveils to us the world of online sex clubs, and Crystal tells about about her sulubrious past with, in and on cars. And that’s just the tip.

I don’t think you say make love to my husband’s ass, I think you just say fuck him in the ass.
— Eve
I used to have a list of cars that I wanted to somehow have sex on or in. I’ve got like half of it down.
— Crystal
I learned a new term. I think I’m ‘heteroflexible.’
— Lindsey

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