EP39 Becoming Kay: Fitness Instructor to Female Porn Director with Kay Brandt


Becoming: Fitness Instructor to Female Porn Director Kay Brandt

Episode 39

Kay Brandt is a trailblazer. She left the mainstream film and television to write and direct her own erotic films and became an award-winning adult filmmaker of porn epics, including the biggest budget lesbian films of all time Cherry I and II. She made the first ever X-rated cooking show called Forked. She is a bestselling author of erotica and has pioneered the new genre of lit-based porn.

There is nothing wrong with being a woman who wants to fuck. Nothing. Zero.
— Kay Brandt

Kay’s style of filmmaking is long-form storytelling—which can involve up to five hours of footage and lots and lots (and lots) of sex. She’s made epics She made Babysitting the Baumgartners based on Selena Kitt’s novel by the same name that told the story of a love triangle with 14 sex scenes—shot in just four days with only three actors.

It is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and very few people can say that about porn.
— Kay Brandt

We sat down with Kay and discovered a completely empowered woman with a commitment to telling great stories who is deeply embedded in the porn industry. If you’ve ever held judgements about women in porn, this interview, dear Clitterati, may just turn you out. Yowza.


You can find more of Kay and her epic erotica on YouTube and Instagram. Enjoy Clitterati, enjoy!