EP8 Yoni Altar: The Worship of Pussy

Ladies and gentlemen, pull out your notebooks! The Pussy Posse drops some real gems in this episode from Lindsey's three cunnilingus rule to Tamiko's Tinder strategy for getting exactly what she wants from her dates to Lolita's three criteria for choosing who gets to cross the threshold of her body.

Pussy must respond when pussy gets called out.
— Lolita

We look at what it takes to truly revere a pussy as a sacred space on this planet. We lead you through creating an altar to your yoni or lingum, and praying for exactly what you want.

We go deep into what it's like to go into a realm of sex that goes beyond our boundaries, the realities of slut-shaming, and the power of communicating our no...and our yes...clearly.

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Yoni Altar: The Worship of Pussy

Episode 8

You can choose, even if you think it’s too late, you still can choose.
— Sugar


Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomaschauer
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RAINN National Hotline for people who've experienced rape, incest, sexual abuse or harassment: 800.656.4673

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