EP46 Mermaid Sex: Being Your Own Fantasy with Hannah Mermaid


Mermaid Sex: Being Your Own Fantasy with Hannah Mermaid

Episode 46

To be a fully self-expressed human takes incredible courage, perseverance and a thick skin. In the case of our honored guest today, it takes thick scales...mermaid scales to be exact. This exceptional woman is a performance artist, longtime ocean conservationist, and a subaquatic fantasy character come to life—the one and only Hannah Mermaid!

Hannah has worked with both Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd in campaigns to stop the unnecessary killing of dolphins, whales and other underwater friends. With stunning makeup and sparkling tails, Hannah Mermaid is fighting for our oceans with pure beauty…and her story is nothing short of finomenal. 

If you want a glimpse into what it takes to be a real-life superhero, tuna in today and find out as we explore mermaid sex, being inside a 400-strong dolphin orgy, a school for embodying your inner mermaid, and ocean puns galore with the first full-time professional mermaid in the world!


Remember Atlantis: Mermaid School & Temple Dance Retreat 2019
Embody the divine feminine, become one with the ocean, learn underwater technique, and explore your inner mermaid with Hannah Mermaid and learn the secrets of the ancient archetypes Mermaid and Temple Dancer. This retreat includes ocean outings, professional photoshoots, and an adventure to the world famous Tulamben Shipwreck.